The Telivita Hub

Telivita Hub is a personal medication dispensing and remote monitoring solution that ensures seniors and chronic care patients at home (or elsewhere), take the correct medications on time and notifies caregivers and the patient’s healthcare team if they miss a medication dose or have a medical status report that is outside the limits that their healthcare team has deemed as unhealthy or of potential risk. It can capture (through external sensors), monitor and store vitals along with the electronic patient record for better follow-up by doctors and the health care team. It gives users access to digital health care monitoring and potentially medical interventions via telemedicine.

Alerts and notifications include a series of visual, audible and vibration prompts to the senior and email, SMS and Cloud-based recording for caregivers. Thes new generation devices and online monitoring services feature the latest communications and display technologies (android, touch screen tablet, customs apps, multiple interfaces).

Telivita Hub automates the dispensing of packaged medications though a patented process, with these potential benefits:

  • reduces the risk of medication non-compliance; and
  • prolongs an independent quality of life for the client; and
  • provides peace of mind through real time monitoring for the caregiver.

It also bonds clients with their service providers and enables a Patient Care Circle that is unprecedented. In addition, the Telivita Hub features a full set of modern communications technologies specifically targeted for seniors, the chronically ill and the temporary or permanently disabled, that enable both voice and “videoconference” communication directly from the device. These same technologies will enable “virtual doctors visits” that will require no travelling, no time-off-work for a family member to accompany the patient or resultant stress from the “sortie”.