Compliance First Closet

Telivita's Closet Technology

The Compliance 1st Closet Technology is a patent-pending web application for the virtual management of DME (Durable Medical Equipment) and supplies consigned at any patient discharge location including Hospitlas, Skilled Nursing Facilities, Rehabilitation Centers, ERís, Physician Practicies, etc.

What's in My Closet

Durable Medical Equipment is any equipment that provides therapeutic benefits to a patient in need because of certain medical conditions. This includes items like wheelchairs, canes, walkers, monitors, lifts and more. The Closet can also contain incontinence based products and other reusable items that a patient may need.

Benefits - Discharge Location

Why would my hospital or doctor be interested in technology like this? Our Closet Technology would allow hospitals and other discharge locations the ability to keep top quality DME and supplies in stock at their location at no cost to them until the product is issued to a patient.

Our Closet Technology is scalable to the locations needs - we can tailor the amount and selection of product based on the facilities needs. Since the hospital or discharge location does not have expenses tied up on a per product basis this allows the location to continually be restocked with current, top quality DME and supplies. This allows the location to maximize the depth and breadth of products to the consumer, provide increased services levels and high quality products and increase better patient outcomes.

One of the largest expenses for a discharge location is the loss of product. Our Closet Tehcnology allows live, instantaneous tracking and product put into the Closet. If a wheelchair gets removed and issued, it is tracked by the inventory system. This allows a discharge location to stay on top of their inventory and reduces loss.

Benefits - Patients

How does a patient benefit from our Closet Technology? A huge boon for patients is the ability for them to take home DME and supplies that they become acclimated to using in the hospital, doctors office or other dishcarge locations. No more needless shopping around for the same wheelchair or walker - they get the same high quality item used at the facility at an unbeatable price. Using the Closet is just another way to become part of the Telivita Family - we donít leave the customer to fend for themselves once they are home. We stay in contact and provide support for patients using our products and services.

Telivitaís number one goal is better patient outcomes and proper care starts long before the patient is released from the facility.